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Configuration of Filter Profiles

The CASSIE System allows you to specify an unlimited number of filter profiles and can interface with most enterprise web content filtering systems to set the profile for a computer based on who is currently using that computer*.

You may assign filter profiles by computer group, patron age, and/or patron status. You may even allow multiple profiles, from among which users can select during their sessions without staff intervention.

CASSIE can interface with proxy-based systems as well as systems that offer a control interface utilizing the RADIUS protocol.  There is even a site allow / block list mode that you can use to limit OPAC computers' access to a defined portion of the Internet, or if you are not using a web content filtering system. Please contact us if you are unsure whether CASSIE is compatible with your web content filtering system.

* Fully automated application of filter profiles requires linking to a supported ILS system or other external data source via Patron Authentication, but staff remote control of users’ filter profiles during their sessions is still possible in any event.

The User Experience

Between sessions, the filtering on each computer is reset to the default profile. Users of an age or type for whom you have specified a fixed filter profile will have that profile set automatically for them at the beginning of their session. These users will not be allowed to change their filter profile during their session.

If you allow users of a specified age or type to select from among a specified set of filtering profiles, these users will be allowed to choose their desired profile at the beginning of their session. These users may also change their filter profile to any of the allowed profiles during their session, without staff intervention and without restarting their session.

For special cases, staff can remotely change the filter profile on any computer.

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