We feel that the best way for you to understand how CASSIE and SPOT work is to evaluate the products yourself in your own facility.

A fully-functional 30-day demonstration of the CASSIE and SPOT is available. During the evaluation period, you will have access to the online Support Area, where you can download the software and manuals. You will also receive support via email and phone.

We'll send you an Evaluation Quick Start Guide that will help you get your demo of CASSIE up and running in no time!

If you are interested in evaluating CASSIE and SPOT within your organization, please complete the form below. We will then contact you with details on how you can access the online Support Area.

Privacy Statement: This information will be used solely for the purposes of: (a) understanding your current product needs, and (b) contacting you to provide details for setting up a demonstration of our product at your facility. All information collected will be maintained in a strictly private manner, and will never be transferred to any parties outside of Librarica LLC.

General Software Requirements

Of what type of organization are you a member?
If other, please specify:
What are the software needs of your organization? Please check all that apply.
Restrict computer access to those users with the proper credentials
Automatically manage computer waiting lists for busy computer areas
Allow reservation of computers via Internet Web Site
Track printing costs and/or charge for printing
Filter inappropriate Internet sites
Restrict wireless access to the Internet and/or allow printing from patron's wireless devices (requires SPOT; see below)
List any additional features that would be useful to you.
Approximately how many stations would need to be controlled or monitored?
1-10  11-50  51-100
101-500  More than 500
Are the stations connected together on a network?
Yes  No  Not Sure
What operating system(s) are the stations running? You may select multiple items by holding down the CTRL key when selecting.
Have you evaluated in the past other software products to address these needs?
Yes  No
If your organization did not make a purchase, what were the reasons? You may select multiple items by holding down the CTRL key when selecting.
Please provide details, if desired:
Are you considering upgrading from a competitor's product?
Yes  Not applicable
Would you like to evaluate SPOT? SPOT is a companion product to CASSIE that provides wireless network authentication and printing. Note: SPOT requires a dedicated computer with no operating system. Yes  No
If you are a third party organization (e.g. outsourced IT company), please provide the name(s) of the end user organization(s) with whom you are working.
If you were you referred by a current customer of ours, please tell us the name of that customer's organization. Otherwise, how did you learn about us?

Contact Information

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Contact Needs

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Information Packet

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