Mobile Printing with SPOT Global Print


SPOT Global Print, a companion service that integrates seamlessly with CASSIE, allows patrons to send print jobs from any Internet-connected device to your print release station.

Broad Device and Application Support

With SPOT Global Print you can provide convenient on-the-go or at-home printing for your patrons, using the native printing mechanism within their device's operating system and the SPOT Global Print app on Android, iOS, Windows, macOS or Chrome OS. Any program or application that can print is supported -- there are no file type restrictions. Your patrons will not need to convert documents to PDF or email personal files.

No Account Required

Patrons do not need to create an account to use the SPOT Global Print service. A random PIN is assigned to them, and they use that PIN to claim their jobs. Patrons can generate a new PIN at any time.

Easy Configuration

You can use SPOT Global Print with a self-service or a staff-assisted print release station. No server, nework configuration or software installation is necessary; everything you need is already built-in to CASSIE. If you would like to automate the payment process, we offer vending equipment. SPOT Global Print can work along with, or instead of, SPOT Intelligent HotSpot.

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