Patron Device Management with SPOT Intelligent HotSpot


SPOT Intelligent HotSpot, a companion system that integrates seamlessly with CASSIE, allows you to manage patron devices that are used on your network. You can offer print management, access control with authentication, usage and printing statistics reporting, dynamic content filter control and bandwidth control. All staff functions are accessed from the same user interface as the CASSIE functions.

Print Management

SPOT Intelligent HotSpot offers easy-to-use printing for your patrons, using the native printing mechanism within their device's operating system. There is no app download and configuration, no conversion to PDF, no emailing of files or uploading to a website, and all of the print job data stays within your network. SPOT Intelligent HotSpot uses the same print release station (either staff-assisted or self-service) that you have deployed for CASSIE, and patrons can pay for and release jobs issued from their device or from your public computer stations from the same screen.

Access Control

You can choose to enforce that each user on your network is a valid patron in good-standing, or you can choose to allow any user to start a session. If you do require credentials, SPOT Intelligent HotSpot can be configured to use the same authentication mechanism that CASSIE uses.

Statistics Reporting

With SPOT Intelligent HotSpot, you can collect the data that you may have been missing, so you can tell the whole story of the resource utilization within your library. SPOT Intelligent HotSpot can collect and report statistics on session usage and printed page counts. Optionally, you can configure the system to capture patron-identifiable data, if required for auditing by your ISP or for correlation with logs related to a security event.

Dynamic Filter Control

SPOT Intelligent HotSpot can dynamically set the web content filter profile applied to a patron's session, based upon your age/class policies. See the Dynamic Filter Control topic for more details.

Bandwidth Control

If you need to set download or upload bandwidth limits to ensure that each user has a good experience on your network, SPOT Intelligent HotSpot can help with that. You may define any number of bandwidth profiles and assign them to users based upon age/class rules. Staff may change the bandwidth profile on any session at any time during the session, remotely from any staff station.

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