Statistics Reporting


An important piece of the computer lab management landscape is having the ability to "see" what is happening, to spot trends and to be able to present supporting data with your next technology budget request. CASSIE offers real-time, customizable statistical reports on usage, printing, accounting and session detail in HTML or CSV format.

Usage Statistics

These reports, which do not contain any patron-identifiable information, show how many sessions were offered, the average session length, total usage time, number of reservations made and missed, the maximum head count in the waiting list and the maximum waiting time and when each of those maxima occurred. If you use SPOT to manage your patrons' devices, statistics on patron device sessions are collected as well. Data is available down to the computer group level, and can also be aggregated to the branch/site level and the system level.

Printing Statistics

Charged page count, free page count and canceled page count are available for each printer, including printers offered for the CASSIE computers and the SPOT sessions. The page count data may be aggregated to the branch/site level and the system level.

Accounting Statistics

These reports may be used to reconcile a staff cash drawer each day, or to view the audit detail of all transactions on a patron's personal printing account. The data may be aggregated to the branch site level and to the system level.

Session Statistics

This report, which must be explictly enabled, contains patron-identifiable information detailing which computer (or in the case of SPOT, which IP address) a patron was using, and when they were using it. This can be useful to satisfy audits required by some ISPs or for correlating with logs related to a security or policy violation event. For this data, you may specify a retention period that differs from the retention period for the generic statistical data.

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