Vending and Hardware


Achieving a high level of automation can really free up your staff and enable your computer lab to operate at peak efficiency. We offer vending and paging hardware options to help you optimize your service offering.


If you want to move away from having your staff handle payments and cash, adding a vending machine to your system could be the answer. You may configure the flow as pay-as-you-go with no balance maintained, or you may allow patrons to maintain a balance in their personal printing account, making deposits as needed using any of the available payment methods. We offer models ranging from coin only, to coin and bill, and coin and bill and credit card. There are even models that can vend patron printing as well as photocopying and/or scanning. We offer the Jamex, ACDI, ACS and ITC product lines.


If you plan to configure one or more computer groups to operate with a waiting list, you can provide notification of waiting list status at any CASSIE self-service kiosk or you may use a dedicated display monitor to keep patrons abreast of their status in the queue with a large, visible display. We also offer paging systems like those used in restaurants to notify customers of a table assignment. Both alphanumeric display and light/vibe only pagers are available. The notification process is fully automated within CASSIE, with no staff interaction required.

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