SPOT, The Intelligent HotSpot, will enable you to get back in control of your wireless network. Patron authentication, session control and printing (including the ability to charge for printing) are fully supported.

Features include:

CASSIE bullet The patron authentication function supports all of the authentication modes supported by CASSIE, or you can allow patrons to sign in "anonymously" -- wireless printing is supported either way.
CASSIE bullet Daily time limits and operating hours are automatically enforced as you specify.
CASSIE bullet Platform-independent printing allows patrons and guests to print from virtually any laptop or device (Windows, OS X, Linux, AndroidOS, iOS and ChromeOS). You may print from AndroidOS, iOS and ChromeOS to any printer -- your printer does not need to be AirPrint- or CloudPrint-compatible.
CASSIE bullet You can charge patrons and guests for printing; surcharges for color and duplex modes are applied when appropriate.
CASSIE bullet Use with your existing printer - you do not need a "Wi-Fi Enabled" printer! Your public computer users and your wireless users can even send jobs to the same printer.
CASSIE bullet Single-session or day-use guest accounts are easily created, enabling you to allow visitors or guests to use your network and print.
CASSIE bullet General usage statistics (number of sessions, number of pages printed, etc.) are collected -- you may optionally collect session statistics (who was using which IP address, and when).
CASSIE bullet When integrated with a supported web content filtering system, the filter profile can be set automatically for each user, based upon that user's age and/or patron type.
CASSIE bullet SSL/TLS encryption ("https") is available, to ensure patron privacy during the authentication and printing processes, even if you don't use encryption in your wireless network.
CASSIE bullet Flexible design allows you to use existing network infrastructure, including existing wireless access points. Both wireless and/or wired networks may be secured.
CASSIE bullet SPOT integrates seamlessly with CASSIE, offering a rich set of staff monitoring and control functions through CASSIE's easy-to-use graphical interface.

SPOT is a companion product to CASSIE.  Please contact us for pricing. You may request a demo to evaluate SPOT at your facility.

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