Our library has been using CASSIE for almost two years, after having used a different system for public computer management for several years. We love CASSIE! CASSIE is user friendly, does not slow down our computers, and is easy to maintain. Our favorite feature is that we can require pre-payment for patron printouts. CASSIE's pre-payment feature has significantly cut down on wasted paper and ink. During the rare occasions that we've had questions or issues, we have always gotten a quick, intelligent response from the Librarica support team. They do not merely try to help; they actually simulate the issue on their end so that they can provide a real, workable solution. Then they follow up until the issue is completely resolved. We are very pleased with both the CASSIE software and the customer support folks at Librarica.

Melodie Pontier, Library Assistant
Spring Hill Public Library
Spring Hill, TN

“Technically the Librarica CASSIE software is very reliable and provides all the functionality that JCL needs in a public computer management system. Probably the biggest plus is how well it has been received by both library staff and patrons. CASSIE is easy to install and configure. Routine transactions are now automated... Patrons find the system easy to use and enjoy the convenience that self-service provides. CASSIE has been a huge success for Jefferson County Library...”

Pam Klipsch MLS., Director
Jefferson County Library
High Ridge, MO

“...the key features that sold me on Librarica versus the others:

  1. Easy to install and configure – no need to be a systems librarian or PC expert to do this;
  2. Easy to push out updates through our SMS server (IT department very happy with this);
  3. Support is excellent – lots of self-help on the site which avoids putting in a ticket/call, but when needed, answered promptly. Their support site even has a number of videos you can watch to understand patron experience and that show you how to configure the software;
  4. Cost – CASSIE was definitely the most cost-efficient choice...;
  5. Sales was very low key – they answered any questions but no push to get you to purchase...;
  6. Intuitive interface for both staff and patrons – very easy to use and the staff really seemed to like CASSIE during the testing phase. I had to have buy-in from staff…they are on the front lines with this;
  7. Makes my job much easier!”
Alison Pruntel, Electronic Resources Librarian
Fauquier County Public Library
Warrenton, VA
(See the entire write-up, as well as a comparison spreadsheet here.)

“OPL adores CASSIE... We so appreciate its functionality, but more importantly, the quick response of Librarica folks to any issues and enhancements we request.”

Rivkah Sass, Executive Director
Omaha Public Library
Omaha, NE

“We just completed a very large multi-building project during which we more than tripled the number of computers on our network. We needed a computer/print management solution that was very scalable and cost effective. CASSIE met those needs for us and has enabled staff to easily manage the new computers and printers. I feel that CASSIE is an elegant solution in a market full of overly complicated and expensive computer/print management software. We're very happy with our choice!”

Jim Haprian, Technology Services Coordinator
Medina County District Library
Medina, OH

“CASSIE is a huge improvement over our previous patron access manager. It’s simple to set up and very easy for staff to learn. We used to have problems with our old system every day… CASSIE has been running virtually maintenance free for over a year!”

David Tenney, IT Manager
Wayne County Public Library
Wooster, OH

“CASSIE has been a dream come true for our small library... Thank you.”

Jackie Thomas, Director
Poplar Bluff Public Library
Poplar Bluff, MO

“This is a GEM of a computer program which automates much of the public computer use here at the Vinita Public Library, including prepayment for printing. I have worked a lot with the company in the fine tuning of this program to work seamlessly with our InfoCentre library automation software, and the level of their technical support is truly outstanding. The use of the CASSIE system really saves staff time, handles reservations and waiting lists during our peak usage hours, and effectively blocks computer usage by patrons who owe over a set level of fines, or who, for any reason, should not have computer access. The kids have really taken to CASSIE - helping each other make reservations and alerting their friends when a computer is available for them. After careful research into the competition, I chose CASSIE - and I can’t imagine being more pleased.”

Susan Walters, Director
Vinita Public Library
Vinita, OK

“CASSIE is an amazing high quality patron authentication reservations and print management system that enables network administrators and front-line staff alike to relax and let the system do all the work.

CASSIE is unquestionably the easiest public access computer management system to install, operate and maintain period.”

Jay Johnston M.S., M.A., Executive Director
Farmington Library
Farmington, CT

“CASSIE has been great for us... The main reasons I wanted a cost effective application such as this were to free up staff time and for print control - CASSIE has provided this for us - in spades...

Support has been phenomenal! ... Thanks for all of the good support and a really great application.”

Katherine Boyer, Director
Roanoke Public Library
Roanoke, TX

“We saved between $8,000 and $12,000 in the initial cost of the system compared to the other computer/print management systems we looked at...

No more staff time putting patrons on the computers and then telling them their time is up. No more convincing patrons the library is closing and they really do have to get off. No more counting statistics. CASSIE does it all for us.
We can’t stress enough how helpful, knowledgeable and quick to respond CASSIE’s support staff has been for us... Librarica has truly put the support  back in Technical Support.

Librarica’s CASSIE is a superior product.”

Laura England, Asst. Director
Linda Francois, Computer Support
Keene Memorial Library
Fremont, NE

“CASSIE is the most affordable computer management software we found that included all the management features we were looking for. It is the least cumbersome product to install and it requires nothing more than your staff PC to manage your all your computer resources...

The technical support from Librarica has been outstanding...

CASSIE management software has been a welcome relief to our library staff during our hectic summer tourist season. Our computers are in high demand all day, and finally our staff can attend to services other than managing our computer use.

The User Station component is easy to use, and our regular patrons love the fact they can come in and log themselves on with their library card...”

Patty Christensen, Director
Talkeetna Public Library
Member of the Matanuska-Susitna Library Network
Talkeetna, AK

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