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On a group-by-group basis, you configure how the access is organized: either with reservations or a waiting list. You may use a combination of either of these types of organization across your system. Naturally, the user may go directly to any computer to start a session if that computer is currently available.

You may also add a web-based reservation interface to your organization's web site with the CASSIE Web Reservation Module.


With reservations, the user may request a reservation for the next available computer in the group based on the projected session end times of computers in the group, or for a future time that is within the operating hours that you specify. A definite date, time, and computer are assigned to the user. Users may view or cancel their own reservations from any computer via the Visual Management functions.

Waiting Lists

With waiting lists, users can register on the list to wait for a computer to become available. Users may elect to wait for a specific computer, or they may request the next available computer. When a user reaches the top of the list , that user will be assigned a computer that is reserved exclusively for their use.

Users are assigned generic sequence numbers to protect their privacy on the waiting list display. The display is available on any computer via the Visual Management functions, or you may choose to set up one computer as a "kiosk" to allow users to register on the waiting list as well as monitor the status of the list.

Additionally, marquee systems are available that will allow you to make the waiting list status viewable from virtually anywhere in the facility.

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