Print Management


Printing waste, toner cost and environmental concerns all come into play when you offer printing services in your public computer lab. CASSIE will help you reduce printing waste while recovering costs for consumables like toner and ink. Automating these management functions will allow your staff to concentrate on other service functions.

Printing Flows Supported

You may choose from a number of possible printing flows, depending upon your building layout, staff time available or patron service strategy. The most basic printing flow requires no additional hardware and allows patrons to print directly from their workstations accessing their personal printing balance within CASSIE -- like a bank account. You may also deploy a printing flow where a staff member releases all print jobs after they have been paid for, with the patrons maintaining no balance between transactions. To offer the highest level of self-service, you may deploy a self-service kiosk that allows patrons to release their print jobs privately, after paying for them either with their personal printing balance or with a vending machine.

Broad Printer Model Support

Virtually any printer with a Windows printer driver will work with CASSIE, and CASSIE will automatically determine the charges for print jobs, including color and duplex surcharges, based upon your policies.

Patron Privacy

You can be assured that your patrons' privacy is preserved, as the print job data always stays within your network, even when printing from Chrome OS devices like Chromebooks and Chromeboxes.

Printing from Patron Devices

Adding SPOT allows you to offer one-step printing from patron devices while managing the printing using the self-service or staff-assisted printing flows described above.

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