Printer Compatibility
CASSIE print management works with printers whose driver(s) support any of the following printer languages:
CASSIE bullet PCL, PCL-5, or PCL-6 (PCL-XL)
CASSIE bullet PS, Postscript
CASSIE bullet ESC/P 2
CASSIE bullet Host-based, proprietary*

Virtually all enterprise, office and SOHO grade printers manufactured in the last 15 years support at least one of these printer languages.

* Some contemporary printers use what is called a host-based driver. With this arrangement, the majority of the image processing is done inside the host computer as opposed to inside the printer. This permits cost reduction in the printer design, since the printer does not require significant processing capability. However, it can introduce complexity for applications that are processing the data. CASSIE features a unique compatibility mode that allows it to work with most of these printers as well.

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