Visual Management


CASSIE's exclusive Visual Management is a new, intuitive way to manage computer labs and printers that does not rely on confusing multi-level menus, tabular spreadsheet views or scripts. Your system design is based around graphical maps that you define: it's how you configure the system and it's how the staff and patrons interact with the system. You design your map views in a way that makes sense for your staff and your patrons, and facilitates their success with the system.

Easy for IT Staff

Configuration is straightforward, as you add the computer and printer objects to your map and then drill down into each object's properties. You may add informational objects to help patrons navigate your buildings and find resources. Move your objects around and align them easily with automatic grid snapping. The hierarchical configuration allows you to set policies once and apply them to multiple objects in one step. With the proper credentials, you can access the system configuration from any station in the system.

Easy for Frontline Staff

Staff members, from any staff station, can visually monitor the real-time status of the lab for which they are responsible or the whole system. All staff functions are available in a clean, uncluttered menu bar along the left hand side of their window. A context menu yielding functions related to each station is just a right-click away and when a special case arises, staff members are able to override the programmed policies with simple clicks. The real-time statistics reports are available from any staff station, at any time.

Easy for Patrons

Patrons may view the map, with its informational landmarks like reference desks, stacks, restrooms and checkout locations, from any self-service kiosk. Patrons may find a computer to use, register in a waiting list, make a deposit into their personal printing account (with an optional vending machine), or claim their print jobs — all without staff involvement.

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