CASSIE Features

CASSIE offers a rich set of features for managing your public computers and printers, and also offers advanced features for enterprise customers. This allows you to implement your policies and let the system do the work for you.

CASSIE will allow you to take control with:

  •  Patron Authentication
    Patrons sign in to your computers and are automatically authenticated against your specified data source (e.g. ILS). Protocols supported are SIP, III Patron API, LDAP, ODBC or standalone database. Native encryption is available for all connections to ensure the security of your patron data, which is especially important for hosted ILS systems. Guest accounts are available for occasional or out-of-town users.
  •  Session Time Management
    Fully automate your computer usage and time limit policies: choose whether to offer multiple sessions per patron per day and/or session time extensions, and specify unique usage policies for each group or by attributes from the ILS record. Learn more...
  •  Print Management
    Offer flexible self-service or staff-assisted payment options for your patrons and eliminate print waste: options include credit or debit mode, internal accounts and/or pay-as-you go with coin/bill/credit card vending options. Learn more...
  •  Reservations and Waiting Lists
    First-come-first-served queues, group/block reservations and recurring reservations (e.g. for seminars/classes) eliminate contention for public computers. Learn more...
  •  Staff Monitoring and Control
    Our intuitive, powerful Visual Management interface allows staff to monitor and manage the stations in your entire library system from the CASSIE graphical user interface.
  •  Statistics Reporting
    Real-time statistics help you spot trends and can be used to support grant or budget activities: data is available in CSV or HTML format, and includes usage, accounting, printing, session and database statistics. Learn more...
  • ... and more.
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