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If your organization uses an ILS or automation system that implements one of our supported protocols, you can link CASSIE directly to that system to authenticate users*.

Currently supported protocols/systems are:
Standard Interchange Protocol (Systems that use SIP/SIP2)
Innovative Interfaces Patron API
Open Database Connectivity (Systems that use ODBC)
Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP / Windows Active Directory)
Sagebrush Athena with Web Server option
Book Systems Concourse

You define the conditions under which to block a user, including expiration of library card, amount of fine or fee balance, library card reported lost, and more. CASSIE will automatically enforce your policies as users attempt to use a computer, reserve a computer, or join a waiting list.

CASSIE maintains print account balance and daily time used information for each user internally, without altering any information in your automation system's database.

If your automation system does not support any of these protocols for authentication, a flexible import function allows you to add user records that you have exported from your automation database. You can also use the import function to migrate patron printing deposit data when upgrading to CASSIE from another public computer/print management system.

* Please note that you may need to purchase an additional license from your ILS/automation vendor to enable this feature on their software.
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