Access Control
Print Management
Reservations &
Waiting Lists
Statistics Reporting
Patron Authentication
Visual Management
Web Filter Control
CASSIE has the standard features: access and time control, print management, patron authentication, and statistics reporting.

But it doesn't stop there.

CASSIE fully supports academic environments, including access and time control, reservations and waiting lists, even when each patron logs on to Windows with their own unique user name.

CASSIE allows you to set up any combination of reservation and waiting list groups within your facilities, even within the same branch. CASSIE also features an exclusive Visual Management function that allows staff and patrons alike to interact with the system through a familiar graphical interface. Multiple staff members may perform staff functions simultaneously from the convenience of their work areas. You may add unlimited languages to CASSIE's multilingual user interface.

CASSIE fully supports thin clients through Windows Terminal Services/Remote Desktop Services.

Since CASSIE is a integrated product, you are assured that all features work together seamlessly.

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