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Development of a large-scale, distributed software product such as CASSIE requires experience, discipline, and attention to detail.

The members of the CASSIE development team originate from a combination of commercial large-scale software development and U.S. military contractor software development backgrounds. They bring experience in rigorous design, testing, configuration control, and documentation methodologies.

The components of the CASSIE System are written exclusively in the C and C++ languages. C and C++ code result in the most compact, highest performance software. Programming in these languages requires trained professionals who are dedicated to their field.

The components of the CASSIE System support text data in the Unicode format. This is the native format for the Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 and 8 operating system families, allowing CASSIE to run with maximum efficiency on these operating systems. Note that all future Microsoft operating systems will be based on Unicode.
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